Thursday, August 20, 2009

Murphy-Goode Sauvignon Blanc "The Fumé" 2008

Murphy-Goode Sauvignon Blanc "The Fumé" 2008
Origin: Sonoma County, California
Blend: Sauvignon Blanc (100%)
Alcohol Content: 13.5%
Bottle Closure: Natural Cork
Purchase Date: June 2009
Purchase Price: $9.99

Our review: Pale green with silver highlights, this wine has a surprisingly light fragrance for a "fumé blanc", with citrus and grass aromas being most discernable though there are definitely some interesting spice notes. Crisp on the palate, the fruit flavors are balanced with clean minerality, and the moderately long finish adds some complexity with just a touch of smokiness.

Our rating: American wineries are finally realizing that sauvignon blancs don't need excessive oak cellaring to produce a memorable wine. This one is particularly nice, the oak coming out in subtle, yet distinctive ways. We paired our bottle with chicken and risotto, a perfect choice. We rate it Above Average, maybe even a bit better.

Taste profile from the winemaker: "Boasts flavors and aromas of citrus and tropical fruits expressed over a bright, yet rich mouthfeel. The wine was predominately fermented in stainless steel to retain the fruit aromatics and a portion was barrel fermented to increase the texture of the wine. A clone of Sauvignon Blanc called Sauvignon Musqué was used to add a hint of orange blossom and tangerine."

Winery website: Murphy-Goode Winery.

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