Saturday, August 21, 2010

Kiwi Cuvee Sauvignon Blanc 2009

Kiwi Cuvee Sauvignon Blanc 2009
Origin: Loire Valley, France
Blend: Sauvignon Blanc (100%)
Alcohol Content: 12.0%
Bottle Closure: Screw Cap
Purchase Date: July 2010
Purchase Price: $8.99

Our review: Light straw in color with silver highlights, this wine has light citrus scents with fresh, grassy notes. A bit tart on the palate, the flavors lean toward gooseberry and lime. A balancing acidity quickly develops but is slightly excessive, leaving the finish to be somewhat astringent.

Our rating: Though the word "kiwi" is on the label, this isn't a New Zealand wine, but it is made in that rather distinctive style. Best served with seafood, and most particularly broiled or grilled white fish filets, this wine can also accompany any meal that has a significant vegetable component. This is a credible effort, and with wines from New Zealand rapidly becoming over-priced, this is definitely worth a try. We rate it Above Average.

No taste profile from the winemaker found.

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