Monday, May 23, 2011

Espiral Vinho Verde NV

Espiral Vinho Verde NV
Origin: Portugal
Blend: "Selected native grape varieties"
Alcohol Content: 9.0%
Bottle Closure: Natural Cork
Purchase Date: February 2011
Purchase Price: $3.99

Our review: Pale straw with greenish/gold highlights, this slightly effervescent "green wine" has aromas of citrus with a hint of sweet tree fruit. The palate is very citrusy, on the tart side but not excessively so. A bit of lime zest is introduced into the brief finish.

Our rating: We're fans of Vinho Verdes for several reasons: they are versatile enough to accompany almost any cuisine; are low in alcohol, making them ideal for brunches, lunches, or simply sipping in late afternoon; and are typically relatively inexpensive. This wine not only meets all three criteria -- especially the price, at just $4 -- but it's pretty good as well. We enjoyed our bottle as an aperitif, a nice introduction to what proved to be an excellent meal of grilled seafood and vegetables (accompanied by another bottle of wine ... but that's another review). We rate this wine Above Average. (As with most Vinho Verdes, this wine has no vintage but is stamped for export with a 2010 date on it. These wines are intended to be consumed soon after bottling, so always look for the most recent date possible.)

No taste profile from the winemaker found.

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