Thursday, June 16, 2011

Heron Sauvignon Blanc 2009

Napa Valley, California (wine review and rating)

Heron Sauvignon Blanc 2009

Origin: Napa Valley, California
Blend: Sauvignon Blanc (100%)
Alcohol Content: 13.0%
Bottle Closure: Screw Cap
Purchase Date: May 2011
Purchase Price: $11.99 (750ml bottle)

Our review: A green-gold in color, this wine has a very light fragrance, with aromas of lemongrass and bell pepper with very slight orange zest notes. There isn't much fruit flavor on the palate, but what there is is citric. Rather, the profile is more vegetal and mineral in character. The finish is very smooth, but doesn't really add much otherwise.

Our rating: This is a hard wine to define … and very unlike most other Sauvignon Blancs. There's a subtle richness to it, but where one might expect some varietal crispness there are rounded edges instead. According to the winemaker, there was no oak cellaring, but there's a softness, almost a creaminess, to the wine that seems to belie this. We were initially put off a bit by the minerality on the palate and some heat in the finish, but when consumed with food -- we served our bottle with baked chicken and risotto -- these factors weren't so obvious. Score-wise, we rate it Above Average, but this is probably one of those wines that will spark some discussion -- both pro and con -- when served.

Taste profile from the winemaker: Crisp, clean, vibrant citrus notes with layers of passion fruit and minerality lead to a long, refreshing finish. This unoaked Sauvignon Blanc is handcrafted from sustainably grown Napa Valley grapes.

Winery website: Heron Wines.

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