Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fish Eye Pinot Grigio 2010 3L Box

South Eastern Australia (wine review and rating)

Fish Eye Pinot Grigio 2010 3L Box

Origin: South Eastern Australia
Blend: Pinot Grigio (100%)
Alcohol Content: 12.5%
Bottle Closure: N/A
Purchase Date: August 2011
Purchase Price: $15.99 (3L box)

Our review: Medium gold in color, this wine has aromas of nectarine and pineapple/mango with floral notes. The palate tends towards tropical fruit flavors, though they are a little harsh. A very slight chalky minerality creeps into the moderately long finish.

Our rating: Two years ago we reviewed the Fish Eye Pinot Grigio 2008, rating it rather poorly. We almost skipped buying this cask version until we noticed that instead of California, the wine originated from Australia. OK, that was enough of a difference for us to give it a try. And overall, we're glad we did … though let's be clear, this isn't a great wine by any means. It's rather generic and lacks character. But for its probable intended purpose — an informal gathering of friends or family, a backyard barbecue, a quick glass with a quick lunch, and the like — it's more than adequate and has the bonus of being quite food friendly. If you store your boxed wines in the refrigerator, and most of us probably do even though we know it overchills it, you may find that the wine is markedly better after it warms up a bit in the glass. We rate it about Average, but at just the equivalent of $4 a bottle, it's really a good value.

Taste profile from the winemaker: Refreshing and flavorful, with a pleasant touch of ripe peach and citrus.

Winery website: Fish Eye Winery.

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Walter Fennigan said...

This wine seems very compelling despite of its poor rating previously. I know it can never surpass the taste of Chardonnay, but I think it's a good thing to try this out.

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