Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mendoza Station Torrontes "Seleccion Especial" 2010

Mendoza, Argentina (wine review and rating)

Mendoza Station Torrontes "Seleccion Especial" 2010

Origin: Mendoza, Argentina
Blend: Torrontés (100%)
Alcohol Content: 13.5%
Bottle Closure: Screw Cap
Purchase Date: May 2011
Purchase Price: $8.99 (750ml bottle)

Our review: Greenish-gold in color, this wine has aromas of citrus (tangerine comes to mind here) and flowers. The fruit flavor on the palate has a tart orange, maybe orange rind, character to it, but is nicely balanced. The finish, however, is slightly unbalanced, a bit astringent and incongruous.

Our rating: "Mendoza Station" is a relatively new label of inexpensive wines. The "Seleccion Especial" variant is, we suppose, intended to be a higher quality wine. But we have to say, we don't see it here. We tend to think of this varietal as being a somewhat "soft" ABC wine, but there's nothing but edges in this example. We served our bottle with an appetizer platter, and to be fair, it paired well enough with pretty much everything there. We rate it Average, but we think the "regular" version of this wine is just as good. Last year we also rated the standard 2009 vintage Average … but — and it's a big "but" — that was for a 1.5L bottle, which is priced the same as this 750ml bottle.

Taste profile from the winemaker: None

Winery website: None found.

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