Thursday, April 12, 2012

Acrobat Pinot Gris 2010

Acrobat Pinot Gris 2010 (wine review and rating)

Acrobat Pinot Gris 2010

Origin: Oregon
Blend: Pinot Gris (100%)
Alcohol Content: 12.5%
Bottle Closure: Screw Cap
Purchase Date: January 2012
Purchase Price: $8.99 (750ml bottle)

Our review: Light golden straw in color, this wine has aromas of peaches, apricots, and other tree fruits with significant tropical fruit notes. Very fruity on the palate, the flavors tend towards a blend of citrus and tropical. The finish has a very slight chalk-light minerality.

Our rating: This wine has a summer feel to it, one to be enjoyed as is on the deck. It would also pair well with barbecued grilled meats, which coincidentally is how we enjoyed our bottle, with spicy BBQ chicken. Though there is a nice blend of fruit flavors, there isn't much more in terms of complexity to this wine. We rate it about Average overall, but also think it's a bit overpriced for what it is, basically a fun summertime wine.

Taste profile from the winemaker: Color: Pale straw with golden highlights. Nose: Fresh pear, citrus, honeydew melon. Flavors: Mandarin orange, lemon, kiwi, pear, spice. Mouthfeel: Round entry with nice balance between acidity and residual sugar, clean refreshing finish.

Winery website: King's Estate, Oregon Wines.

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