Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hermes Roditis 2011

Hermes Roditis 2011 (wine review and rating)

Hermes Roditis 2011

Origin: Patras, Greece
Blend: Roditis (100%)
Alcohol Content: 11.5%
Bottle Closure: Synthetic Cork
Purchase Date: August 2012
Purchase Price: $7.99 (750ml bottle)

Our review: Exceptionally pale straw in color, this wine is very lightly scented, with aromas of tree fruit (apple and pear) and possibly a hint of spice. The palate seems very thin at first, with almost no flavor whatsoever … and it really doesn't develop much afterwards, reminiscent at its peak of weak cider or perry. A slight smokiness appears in the finish, nothing too dramatic, but definitely present.

Our rating: We're not quite sure what to make of this wine. We served our bottle with a simply prepared chicken dish, which was fine but the wine did little to add to the meal nor did the meal enhance the wine in any way. We'd be hard pressed to say what we think would pair well here. The wine is light and dry and really rather timid. We didn't not like it, we simply didn't find it memorable in any way. We score it on the very low side of Average, but we're wondering if that's being generous.

Taste profile from the winemaker: Soft and fresh with subtle flavor and hints of creamy finish. A gentle wine with attractive body.

Winery website: None found.

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