Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kiwi Cuvee Pinot Grigio 2009

Kiwi Cuvee Pinot Grigio 2009
Origin: Germany
Blend: Pinot Grigio (100%)
Alcohol Content: 13.0%
Bottle Closure: Screw Cap
Purchase Date: May 2010
Purchase Price: $8.99

Our review: This wine is medium straw in color with bright aromas of tree fruit (apple, pear, peach) and a touch of spice. Initially slightly sweet on the front of the palate, the fruit flavors are quickly accompanied by a balancing acidity. The finish brings out more of the spice character initially present on the nose.

Our rating: This is an unusual find and a first for us: a pinot grigio from Germany with a New Zealand-ish name. It's really quite pleasant, robust yet with rounded edges. We weren't quite sure what to pair it with initially, so enjoyed most of our bottle with a simple salad and garlic bread. We think Asian cuisines would work best, though, and will consider another bottle with skewers of Thai chicken or maybe potstickers! We rate it Above Average, Nearly Excellent.

No taste profile from the winemaker found.

Winery website: None found.

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